Respectfully Helping others

Helping Others with Respect

People want and deserve basic human respect even through tough times. Previous generations knew how to do this because survival required the helping of each other. The barn raising event illustrates the point. Now Americans are reflecting on this problem and wanting to pay forward assistance given to them.


People need to feel in control of the resources given them. Several times, I handed cash to someone but then objected to what his or her purchases spent the money on even though I never said a word. One bought a box of cereal for their child and a case or beer and another went out to dinner. In both cases, I thought I was feeding them for a day, but I made no dent. I accepted their gratitude to prevent loss of disrespect to them, but it made me realize they lack skills to prevent adversary. That was in times that are more profitable and other might be building these skills for the first time for non-fault of their own,

Steps to Help

Churches have found that they give gift cards or pay an outstanding bill directly to the party owed. This is wise, but how to give the item without undermining the self-respect. Many times, you can offer assistance through a gift with the response pass it forward now or in the future. You keep the control with the individual

If you notice that, they receive a newspaper everyday or some other service. You can contact the newspaper and ask to give a gift superscription to the service so their bill does not become due during the hard time. There are other service which everyone must use such as garbage collection and these are easy to pay ahead for someone.

We invite guest into our home all the time and these people might actually be past guests. This would mark an ideal time to invite them for a meal or a barbecue. Preventing the customary host gift requirement comes when you notify them the menu is complete. If they insist think of something they make well that is inexpensive. Some will arrive at the home with items that they found at the store that were buy one get one free. You cannot leave the free one at the store, but you will not use it. Some will leave a small box on a back porch with items you know would be helpful. This allows them the chance to offer gratitude when they can or nervously neglect to offer thank you. The statement of passing forward allows them to repay when they can.

The concept of passing forward gives us the chance to keeping paying forward in motion.