Rest in Peace Caylee

Sometimes when we are hooked on a high profile case we are sure that we know what the outcome will be based on the evidence. In our minds we just know that a guilty verdict is right around the corner. But then OJ Simpson was proclaimed innocent, and we were stunned. Well, the jury might still be out on that case, but there is another high profile case that shocked America to it’s very core. Her name is hated in this country; Casey Anthony. When Miss Anthony was proclaimed ‘not guilty’ on all charges, the world gasped in horror. Had the “Tot-mom” been vindicated for no reason? Millions of us would answer an emphatic yes.

Casey Anthony was on trial for the murder, or death of her two year-old daughter Caylee. When the police first came to her she led them on a wild goose chase complete with a fake job, a made-up nanny (conveniently nicknamed ‘Zanny’), and a barrage of lies.

What had happened to the missing child? That was a question on all of our minds in the Spring of 2011, until her little body was found that summer. Who killed little Caylee Anthony? It was a no-brainer, really, after all of the evidence was in, all signs pointed to Casey, who sat stone-faced with her lawyer Jose Baiz. After all, Casey’s car smelled like a dead body had been in it. There was even a decaying hair that could have only come from Casey, her mother, or Caylee in the trunk. That should have sealed it right there. When the prosecution rested, we all thought Miss Anthony, a media darling would be jailed for life. Not so, said the jury.

Casey Anthony was acquitted of all charges. All charges. Every single one of them. She was free to go as a matter of fact. She had served enough jail time for all the trouble she had caused from the get-go. Lying to the police (and the nation), lying to her parents, family and friends, and creating a fairytale life that was never to be, Casey Anthony walked out of the courtroom scot-free. On that, the fifth of July, Casey Anthony’s lawyers and herself were relieved and excited to hear the ‘not-guilty’ verdicts. The rest of the world was, and some still are, shocked.

It wasn’t just the fact that a murderer had gone free. It was the fact that a poor child was killed and there was no vengeance in her death. Who spoke for Caylee? Who stood up for the poor child who lost her life so tragically early? Nobody paid the price for her death, and her mother, who should have at least been held accountable for child endangerment to say the least.

What is Casey Anthony doing today? Well, she is living, which is more than we can say for her child. She is even being left alone and not harassed for what we all know that she did. The justice system failed that day, and it now comes in to question for other high profile cases. Who knows where Jodi Arias will end up after Casey Anthony was set free when she was obviously the one to blame? Perhaps we will never know the truth. We might never know if Caylee drowned and George Anthony covered it up. We may never know why Cindy Anthony claimed to have been the one who searched the family computer for chloroform during the hours when she was at work. Who knows if Casey just drugged her daughter so she could go out and party, and she accidentally died during the drugging. Casey Anthony video blogs about what she is doing daily, and she is hiding out in peace, while Caylee is resting in peace.