Restrictive Gun Laws – No

Restrictive gun laws do not reduce crime.

A crime can be committed with a knife or any other weapon.  Speaking of crime committed with handguns, rifles, etc., people who own them have for years and no restrictive laws seem to apply to them.

It’s sad to say, but, a crime can be committed with a toy gun.  Unless, a toy gun has the orange tab on it, they are so closely made to resemble a real gun, police can confiscate them.

Guns are used for hunting. Who’s to know if a hunter who was shot was done so accidentally or otherwise.  Usually, these accidents are just that but some have proven to be otherwise.

Crimes can be committed many ways, other than using a gun so, if every single gun in America was confiscated, the crime rate would be the same.

It is all in who wants to commit a crime.  Robberies and murder take place every single day.  A rape can be committed with a knife, as well as any other crime.

Some crimes are committed without a weapon. Brute force is used.  Criminals who do this, barring murder, know their rights and will not be charged as felons.

Guns are kept in homes for protection.  But, that is not such a good idea either as the weapon can be taken away from you and used on you. So, why even do that?  Some people who have shot intruders, have been charged with a crime themselves.

It is sad there is so much crime in America – in the world, also.  There has always been, even before the gun was invented, and always will be, so restricting any weapon, would not reduce crime.

If anything, it would deter a potential robbery if the intended robber saw that you were carrying a non-concealed weapon.  Maybe, a holster with a .38 in it – just something small that you could strap on every morning before leaving for work or wherever.  Something that would be easy to access, would be the perfect thing.

Maybe, those days like the westerns we watch on a movie would be the perfect world.  Some towns made strangers hand in their weapons until they were ready to leave.  That left the citizens of the town pretty well protected against any outsiders that could possibly bring about harm to them or their children.

No crimes will go on as long as there is a world and restrictive gun laws won’t make a bit of difference.