How many people would like to be paid to have fun during the last years of their life? When you become 65 years old maybe it is time to simply give up that trek to work each work day, and for once just do what pleases you at that particular time.

Then again, will the money that you earn by continuing to work for an employer make you substantially wealthy? Within the United States of America you have the opportunity to retire from the workforce when you are 62 and for doing so you can collect a monthly income from the government in the form of a Social Security Check.

You can also retire from your job and most likely receive a pension or a disbursement from any employee’s and/or employer’s retirement plan that is in place where you work.

You decide to determine your expected income if you retire. It might be enough to pay your monthly living expenses and even have an amount available for other things, like a hobby, dining out and other forms of entertainment.

You go to your local Social Security Office and get the financial information of how much you will receive each month in the form of Social Security benefits. At that time you can request those benefits even if you continue to work. However, if you earn over a certain amount of money some or all of your Social Security income will be taxable.

You will probably have additional income from investments and/or your savings accounts. Those amounts should be added to your monthly income, from which you can estimate your yearly income after you retire.

As luck would have it, the cost to travel to and from work is no longer an expense for you, thus reducing your monthly living expense for that cost.

By this time you should have a good idea of what your income will be, together with your expenses and what you might even have in excess, dollar wise, and each month.

If you determine that you can live on that expected income amount, it makes good sense to simply retire from your job and do the best you can to enjoy those last years of your life. The more you have the better off you will be in the future. For many years you made your contribution to society and maybe even got married and raised one or more children. At last, it is now time to please you.