You are 62 and you have a good job and you might be self-employed. As a result you have no intention of retiring from the work force at age 62, or even when you are 65 years old. Since each person who is alive on earth is somehow different from every other person, only you know the best thing to do in regard to any life changing event -like choosing to retire from the workforce.

Thousands, and maybe even millions of people are not as lucky, or as happy as you are. They have a hard time just paying their living expenses and they want nothing more than to be able to receive that monthly Social Security check, and maybe even enjoy the last years of their life.

Therefore, they will seek to retire at age 62. It is all about money and how much they will receive each month that is the determining factor for them to retire from the workforce. Then again, they could work a part time job as an income supplement to that retirement check.

So now you have two very good reasons why a person would not want to retire at age 65. There are also those people who could easily retire at age 62, but if they wait until they are 65 their monthly Social Security check will be as much as three times more than what they would receive when they are 62.

On the other hand, if that person elects to retire from the workforce at age 67 he or she will receive the maximum, which is a little more than he or she would receive at age 65.

If you are unemployed,have no hope of being employed again and you do not have enough money saved to pay your living expenses until you are 65, then you will have no option other than to retire as soon as you are able to do so.

There are also those people who have a great deal of money and really do not need those funds that are provided by the Social Security Administration. Keep in mind, the money that you were required to pay from your monthly income when you were working those many years also earned interest during those many years; and that was a U.S. Government’s way for you to save for your eventual retirement. You want to recover that money that is legally due and payable to you in monthly installments.

Weather or not you choose to retire at age 62, 65 or 67 is for you to decide. The money is there for the taking, and most people these days need all of the money they can get just to pay for those things that keep each of those people healthy and alive.