Retirement Country vs City Living

The golden years have arrived and you have reached retirement age. When the time comes for retirement, will you choose to live in the country or in the city?
Where you choose to live is an important decision, one that will involve a number of key factors.


1. Is it important to you to be close to your family, including any grandchildren? If you choose to move to the country and your family are city dwellers, you may feel isolated and lonely at times.

2. Should illness strike, will you be close enough to your family to receive assistance? Being close to family, whether in the country or the city can put your mind at ease in this area.

3. Will your decision mean moving away from friends? Over the years you may have built strong friendships that would sadden you to leave behind. Are you ready to start all over again forming new relationships in a new environment?

4. Are you independent enough to move from city to country? Living in the country after many years in the city nay make you feel isolated in some ways. Would you be happy to drive many miles through country roads to visit your family and friends?

City living and country life both have their pros and cons. Weighing up the benefits and the downside of each should help you make the right decision for you.


Living in the city will be the preference for you as a retired person if you rely on public transport, enjoy shopping and like to visit regular city attractions like the theater or cinema.
If you have lived in the city during your working life, this is where your family and friends are likely to be, so you will remain close to them.
The downside of city life is that it is less peaceful and more dangerous. There is always going to be a higher crime level in the city than in the country.


Life in the country is desirable as it offers a very peaceful way of life free of the hustle and bustle of the city. It is an attraction to get closer to nature and enjoy the scenic views country life has to offer.
Living in the country also has it’s downside. The cost of living may be a touch higher as you spend more on gas when you go shopping or visiting friends and family.
It can also be a more lonely life as family are likely to visit less frequently.

Deciding on city life or country life will depend to a great extent on where you have lived previously and on how close you need to be to family and friends.