Retirement Havens in Mexico and Central America

After years of hard work and planning, aged and old people look forward to giving up their work for some relaxation and quality time, and pursue retirement. Retirement is a big decision in every person’s life and should be handled with care. Selecting a good retirement destination is equally important. As retirees have limited source of income, hence they prefer places which offer affordable prices and retirement benefits, while giving an overall good quality of life. As far as Central America and Mexico are concerned, the best retirement havens are:

Having one of the best infrastructures in Central America, Panama is the top place to retire in Central America and throughout the world. Although the capital of Panama, Panama City is a bit expensive; however, most of the cities of Panama are the most affordable places in the entire Central America. Due to an able government and a successful president, the country has proved to be haven for citizens as well as retirees.

Dominican Republic: 
In the Dominican Republic there are many opportunities to live a comfortable and affordable life, especially after retirement. This is due to a good taxation system, pension benefits, low housing market and many other reasons. It is an open place for foreign with lenient immigration policies.

Another great place for the aged, Belize is not as cheap as it used to be. However, a few cities, including Cayo, are the cheapest in the region. Naturally sound and advanced, Belize offers a good policy for retirees.

One of the cheapest places and tourist destinations in the world, Nicaragua offers a good living at a low price. Good taxation policy, a low housing market and excellent foreign retiree policy make it a good spot for retirees. 

Different cities of Mexico give a good deal to retirees. One of the best places to retire in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta. It is a beautiful place offering good food and an enjoyable life. It is host to some of the best beaches, casinos and sports facilities including golf, soccer etc. in the entire country. Other good cities to retire include Ajijic and Chapala.

Honduras is a good pick for retirees as it offers exclusive retirement status i.e. immigration system for people who want to live here after retirement. Except, this great feature, it is home to the best oceans and rain forests in the region.

El Salvador: 
El Salvador is slowly rising and making its name among the good retirement destinations. El Salvador is progressing well and according to analysts, they see it as a good place to retire in the next five years or so.