Many people who reach retirement age usually move to Florida within the United Stated of America. It might also be the last place where they live so Florida became known as “God’s waiting room” in that it is a place where the retired will eventually pass away.

It is also the place where antiques, art, furniture, appliances, modes of transportation and other collectibles can be found at yard sales, Estate sales, thrift shops as well as flea markets. Then too, some retired people still want to earn a few extra bucks and have something useful to do with all of that free time. 

Learning how to use a computer is a good idea if you want to become a junk dealer and resell all of those bargain purchases you made at the above mentioned places. You cannot earn extra money by just watching television, right?

To make money you have to spend money so you buy what you need to market your bargain purchases. You can have a hobby like making furniture or jewelry, pottery and glass but you still need a way to sell those items.

Your computer can and does have many other uses. You can make CDs and DVDs. You can bundle your phone, television and Internet service at a reduced cost as opposed to paying for three different services from three different vendors. You can join web-sites where you can write articles that earn advertising revenue.  

Living is a learning experience that never seems to end so the more you know the better off you will be. Do you like music? With the purchase of additional software for your computer you can play records and tapes into your computer from which you make music CDs or movie DVDs.

There is software available that will allow you to make business cards, mailing labels and labels for your CDs and DVDs as well as making labels for the cases you will put them in before you sell them to customers. You see, many retired people do have phonograph records purchased years ago but they not do have a record player in which to play their records. Here is an opportunity to provide a service to such people. You just have to give your business card to those who express an interest in your service.

As time passes your investment in a computer and the additional software and supplies will pay for themselves because you will have customers if you advertise. The truth is that you will meet many people if go to the above places in search of bargains. So now the way, the means and the opportunity is available to you for having fun, being active and making some money as well.