Rickyfingerz Aka Alienfingerz

The US & Canadian Health Care System

(Smile, Did Anybody Consider Dental Care?)

With all the hub bub going on about the USA medical care system going through it’s changes, it’s unbelievable to me that the following has not been addressed or even considered in a whisper. I am Canadian and proud to be one, but it seems that I can’t help but follow your American political agendas. Is there a conspiracy to completely fill the house and senate seats with ignorance? Gosh Lou, you did say that you were asked to become a problem solver when you left CNN…You certainly have my support. For what I am about to tell you (Americans/Canadians), is not rocket science.

The economic machine has a multitude of denominating factors that come into play that most, if any, are just not thinking or talking about. For example: Would you hire someone for let’s say a public relations or waitress position that had missing or rotting teeth….I think not. It seems the beautiful people get those jobs. How does this make a great majority feel? Somewhat lessor I would think which makes many feel insecure about thenselves as a possible candidate for success and a contributor to others as well as themselves.

Let’s address the medical ramifications of poor dental health. Unhealthy teeth and gums are pre cursers to a multitude of other very expensive medical problems, physical as well as psychological. This is a known medical fact for decades.

Would it not be pertinent to give free dental care which in turn would lower the overall medical costs? Duh! Dentistry and other medical fields should be governed as one. Why would a heart specialist or a brain surgeon be different from a dental surgeon as far as cost coverage? Why have they been segregated from each other? Gosh, was it because there was an extra buck to be made with insurance companies?

You have the opportunity to bring about change for the betterment of your nation and now is the time for this issue to be addressed. Hey America, it’s a beautiful world we live in, just take a look around you. If you don’t feel good about yourself in your appearance then you feel less qualified as a contender in societies framework.

A feel good healthy nation is a productive and proud nation. The savings in overall medical costs would be staggering.