Each investor is as unique as every other investor. However, there are groups of investors who have about the the same kind of investment goals. Each of those groups of investors is willing to assume a certain amount of risk for each dollar invested.

Generally speaking, the greater the risk the greater the reward. If you remember, IBM was once a risky investment. The McDonald’s Corporation was once a very risky investment, both for the franchised operator and the investor in the company’s capital stock. Both companies became very successful and those who took the greatest risk to invest in one of those corporations became millionaires.

Will there be more corporations like the two above in the future? It seems that investments in reusable energy sources or investments in renewable energy sources now provide a possibility for high returns for the great risk that comes with investing in such companies.

You see, the ever rising prices for fossil fuels caused many alternative energy companies to seek capital in order to perfect and build such products as hydrogen fuel cell, electric or hybrid powered modes of transportation. So too, there are companies that have developed huge electric generators powered by the wind or powered by the force of water, or powered by the radiation from the Sun.

Sooner or later people will purchase one of those inventions, in order to get around. Electric utility companies will also use those newly created wind, solar and water technologies as a means to generate electricity for their customers. It is also possible that your electric bill will be much less when those new technologies are put into use.

Believe it or not, investments in nuclear energy expansion and bio-fuels are not the best ways to stop the destruction of our environment, even if they are less risky investments. Risk capital is going into those other ways to create energy. Like any types of investments, there are con artists who seek to become rich by cheating you and there is also the possibility that the company that you invest some of your money will not be as successful as another company.

Because of the high risk associated with any of those companies, pick a number of such companies to invest in. You will spread your risk to many companies, one of which will most likely provide great rewards while those others vanish or are bought out or simply fail to achieve a desired result.

The politicians within the Government of the United States of America are not in favor of funding those alternate energy technology companies, and that really makes it difficult to develop those new sources of energy. Many billions of dollars is still required to bring many of those “green friendly” technologies to the market place.

There will come a time when the fossil fuel resources are gone forever. Now is the time to put an end to dependence on fossil fuel, from both a cost and an environmental standpoint.