Save Big on little Things

In today’s rough economic climate, just about everyone is looking for new ways to save a buck or two. In many cases, this includes saving money on little, everyday buys – because the savings on these tiny items adds up quickly. If you are looking to maximize your money, spending smart might be just what the doctor ordered.

Use coupons

Coupons are a default, de facto, go-to savings vehicle for many shoppers. However, what separates successful couponers from garden variety clippers is the simple fact that hard core couponers know (and take advantage of) retailers coupon policies. For example, if a store accepts manufacturer coupons in addition to competitor’s coupons, doubling up on manufacturer coupons in addition to competitor coupons often leads to big savings on everyday items.

Double up

Another little known aspect of big savings on things you buy everyday are loyalty rewards coupons coupled with online tracking coupons. For instance, CVS offers great deals and coupons on their own, but if you double up your CVS benefits with websites like Savings Star, your savings abound on just about everything you buy.

Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts

Many retailers offer price match guarantees, alongside additional discounts. Use this to your advantage. Study ads for things you are in the market for, find the cheapest price, bring in a copy of the ad and get a price match from your favorite retailer. Then, add an additional 10 percent (or 20 percent) discount on top of that – as most retailers do.

Get price adjusted

Eyeona is a powerful app for smart phone users that can help you make the most of your shopping dollars. Download the app, snap a photo of your receipt and Eyeona automatically alerts you if an item you have already purchased goes on sale. If your item falls within the retailer guidelines for a price adjustment, simply visit the merchant and collect the difference.

Learn to love rebate portals

Rebate portals like Fat Wallet are great ways to save on every day items, and big items too. Visit the rebate portal, click through to your favorite retailer and earn cash back. Typical rewards range from 2 to 12 percent.

Capitalize on cash back

Cash back is a powerful tool. Apply for a cash back reward credit card and use that to pay for your everyday purchases. Pay that card off within the grace period (so that you avoid interest) using a cash back debit card, and earn as much as 5 percent cash back on everything you buy.

It’s easy to save on everyday items as long you are really serious about saving and spending smart.