Save Money

Each person has their own way of saving some money, or ways they are trying to help save money during the current economic situation.

Below are a few ways of saving money that people may not have thought of:

1) Change your bank account; if you have a so called ‘rewards’ account then you pay a monthly fee to the bank for extras which most people never use. If this is the case you can stay with the same bank and just ask them to move your bank to a simple account without these extras. Some of the current accounts with extras can charge from £5 up to £12 a month and by the end of the year that can end in a big sum of money.

2) Take out a set amount of money each month and then either move the extra to a different bank account or do not take your bank card out with you. If this is done then you know how much your spending and people are more likely to buy the things which they need first and not things that they want. This is a way which lots of people I know do, as it means that they cannot go overdrawn or get in to trouble. This can also be used as a good way to keep within a budget.

3) When you turn a tap on you get charged for the water that comes out, you then get charged once again when it goes down the plug hole. To make the most of the water what you can do is that if you have finished using water from cleaning the dishes then take some water into a jug and use it to water plants as this means that it is being used.

4) Look around shops for food do not just stick to top brand supermarkets like Tesco. If you go to some smaller chains like Lidl, Netto or Aldi they might be cheaper and on things like crisps, vegetable and fruit surely it does not matter as long as they taste the same. This is a tip that works really well you can find that in some shops you are being charged maybe double the price for fruit in Tesco than you would be in Lidl.

There are probably more ways to save money, but these are the ones that seem the most sensible to suggest.