Save Money on Food Food

Food is so expensive! Do you want to save more money on food ? Here on 3 tips on how to save money on food.

Make a plan

Decide what meals you want to serve for the week and make a shopping list. When you plan ahead you avoid making impulse purchases. Always check the cupboards while making your grocery list. This way you will have a current inventory to shop off of.

Design a meal plan so that you know what groceries to include on the list. It does not have to be set in stone, but you need to include what you need to purchase for these recipes.

Include the ingredients for your menus, and also anything else you need to purchase. When you go grocery shopping it is vital to adhere to this list. Variance will only increase your food bill. You will be making better decisions with this forethought, which will result in a more disciplined excursion.

Be aware of sales and specials when shopping

Make a point to seek out in-store specials. These specials will give you substantial savings. Items for sale may be perfect, just discontinued. You can also look in the meat department, for must sell today meats that you can cook today or tomorrow, and save a bundle! If you have come to the store to get the boneless chicken breast for $1.49lb. only to be disappointed they are sold out, do not despair! You can go to the service desk and make sure you get your rain check.

If you can, load up on the specials. For example if the boneless pork chops are on sale purchase extra for the freezer. Make sure you take advantage of buy one,- get one free specials, and the dollar specials. When your favorite pasta is 5 for $5.00, load up! The pasta lasts a long time, and you always need it.

Shopping at discount stores like Aldi foods and Food 4 Less you can reap really deep discounts. These stores are clean, well stocked, and can save you money on your food bill.

Visit the dollar store regularly

Make it a point to visit the dollar stores. You can save a lot of money on snacks like crackers, cookies, fruit snacks, candy, and gum! They are also great places to save money on other money suckers like personal hygiene products, light bulbs, and cleaning products, batteries, and sundries. These stores save me a substantial amount of money which allots me supplementary money to buy food!

When you implement these suggestions you will save more money! Do not cut on nutrition, just create a well executed plan! These may seem like little changes, but they are three easy ways to save money on food! .