Save Money on Household Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are a household necessity and often consume a substantial portion of a household’s home-maintenance or grocery budget. For consumers seeking to save money and simplify their household’s needs and costs, a little frugality in the area of household cleaning supplies can go a long way towards reducing expenditures. As an added bonus, budgeting your cleaning supplies can make your household more streamlined and more environmentally friendly! Read the following tips to save money on cleaning supplies.

1. Buy the basics. The market is flooded with specialized cleaners. But if you compare ingredients, most household cleaning can be accomplished with just a few basic cleaning supplies and products. Build an arsenal of basic cleaning supplies – dish soap, vinegar, baking soda are the most useful staples – and don’t be tempted to invest in specialty cleaners.

2. Clean promptly. If messes and spills are promptly wiped up, they are generally easier to clean. Prompt wipe-downs eliminate crust-on, soaked-in messes and therefore eliminate the need for heavy duty of specialized cleaners

3. Buy in bulk. Since cleaning supplies are always useful and will last for a long time with proper storage, consider purchasing cleaning supplies in bulk. Look into warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco, as well as janitorial supply stores, for cheap bulk items to stock up on.

4. Take advantage of coupons. Try manufacturer’s coupons – printable online – and in-store coupons. Clipping coupons and using them judiciously can add up to meaningful savings.

5. Look beyond the brand. Store brand or generic cleansers are often substantially cheaper than their name-brand counterparts – and they work just as well. Compare ingredient lists to ensure that you are getting the same cleaning solution and save significantly.

6. Go green. Disposable cleaning products and wipes are convenient and can make the process of cleaning seem faster . . . but they come at a cost. Use re-usable cleaning materials like mops and microfiber cloths. You can even use worn-out socks and stained linens to clean.

7. Do it yourself. Save money, simplify, and go green all at once by opting for homemade cleaning supplies. You can create a cleaning solution for almost any surface using dish soap, white vinegar, baking soda, and water.  Invest in a few plastic spray bottles and make your supplies.  Not only will you save money, but by using fewer harsh and unnecessary chemicals, you are helping the environment and your household.

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