Save on Shoes

Most of us do not pay much attention to the shoes we have bought. We may be enjoying the experience of shopping for a pair of shoes. We considered the comfy, the aesthetic, and the cost of the shoes, and many people will be willing to pay a hefty price for a pair of shoes that they like.

After you have got a pair of expensive shoe? You may wear it for a few times, realized that it is not comfortable, or does not match your clothing. What will you do with the pair of shoes? Many of us will just chuck it aside, and totally forget about its existence.

Do you feel the pinch after spending on an expensive shoe, only to realize you have to it aside after a few days? How can we save money on shoes?

Understand your needs

Try to understand your needs before you step into a shoe store. Decide on the type of shoe you need, the color to match your dressing, and know the things you should consider base on your past experience.

It is important to know what exactly you want to avoid buying a wrong pair of sport shoe for example, only to realize that it is only for gym use, not suitable for outdoor running.

Making intelligent purchase can help you save money, as you no longer need to throw aside a pair of mismatch shoes.

Try out the shoes

Take at least ten minutes to try out a new pair of shoes before you make a purchase. Give yourself sufficient time to try out the comfy, consider the color, the quality, and cost of the pair of shoe. Do not rush into a purchase.

Change in usage

Old shoes are usually more comfortable compared to new shoes. Thus, if the soles of your shoes have worn out, consider replacing rather than buying a new pair of shoe. If you have a pair of running shoes with worn out soles, instead of throwing away the shoe, can you wear it for leisure? You can cycle or go on a trip wearing the shoes. Your legs are still well protected, and the shoes will not hurt your feet even you have to do long distance walk when travelling.


Make sure you air your shoes, prevent your shoes from getting moldy, and you will be able to lengthen the lifespan of your shoes.

Multi-purpose shoe

A great way to save cost on shoes is to buy just a pair or two multi-purpose shoes. Try to go for shoes that you can use both in the gym, and outdoor jogging. You may also choose a pair of shoes that is suitable for office use, as well as going for a drink at night. You will be able to save more if you do not have to invest on too many pair of shoes.

Non-branded shoes

Are you able to get a similar pair of shoe that you like at half the price? Certain shoes may provide the same level of comfy, at a lower price compared to branded shoes. It is easy for us to forget that lower price does not necessarily mean lower quality, but that can definitely help us lower our expenditure.

Shoes exchange

Not many people are open to shoes exchange. However, you may consider this if you have friends or siblings that have the same feet size as you. They may shoes that do not suit them, and they may want to exchange or discard. Do not say no, but try them on. You may be surprised that the shoes can fit you snugly.

You just need to deodorize, and clean up the shoes a little if it is still of an acceptable condition. You can save money simply by just exchanging shoes, and you no longer have to trouble with shoes that does not fit you, yet you find too expensive to throw.

A pair of shoe brings you a long way. You cannot ignore it even though most people are least concerned about shoes, as compared to their overall dressing. Proper planning will help you clear the junks in your shoe cabinet, and you will still have choices of what you want to wear for the day.