Saving and Putting yourself first

Saving and putting yourself first should be priority. When deciding whether to pay a cable bill as opposed to saving money you should save money. Look at it this way the cable bill is not going to keep a roof over your head.

Many people have a tough time prioritizing needs. Many people often will spend money to keep things afloat as opposed to making adjustments in lifestyle to reduce hardship. It is important not to accommodate hardship rather make adjustments to end it asap. Most people would pay a car note when there is public transportation available. You have to ask yourself if your car broke down and you had to take public transportation would you still want to sink money into convenience when you can’t afford to.

Live below your means

When cutting back to free up money for yourself you may like the lifestyle. There have been cases where people realized the amount of excess they accumulated. Living below your means does not mean you have to live poor. Living below your means puts your creative juices to the test and possibly creates a favorable lifestyle. Look at this way if you want to feel rich most billionaires live below their means. Athletes should be a perfect example of what happens when you spend money at an alarming rate.

Take a second job

If you experience a pay cut then taking a second job is a viable option. If you have a demanding job with the pay cut then you can use the money from the second job to help offset quiting your 9-5 to find another job. There is no reason to hold on to a job unnecessarily if it is contributing to health problems. You can also use the second job to catch up on bills or add more savings. Remember each financial situation is different there is no one size fits all.

Find a job closer to home

If you have to take a pay cut to find something closer to home in order to save you are making a wise decision. Many people underestimate the cost of commute and the effects of a long commute on your health. Let me put it in perspective the shorter your commute reduces your likelihood of spending unnecessarily. A job closer to home means less maintenance for your car and less gas consumption. Public transportation may even become an attractive option. Save where you can.

There are many reasons you should put yourself first and save. You should break your neck trying to pay a bill when chances are they heckle you when you request forebearance or lower payments. Take a stand. Good luck!