Saving Money at Home by going Green

The term Going Green is a phrase that brings different thoughts to different people. If your one of the many who hears it and thinks of radicals being chained to trees and holding signs at ‘Save the Planet’ rallies, you obviously haven’t been informed of the great impact that it can have on your wallet. Yes, being green is a wonderful way to lessen your carbon footprint and make great positive changes to the environment on an individual basis but you don’t have to be one of those ‘crazy tree huggers’ to do it. There are small things in your every day life that, if slightly adjusted can make a great impact on the environment as well as save you money. 

Reducing Your Family’s Water Intake:

Water is a resource that is often abused, mostly because it is so accessible. The sad truth is however, that one day even this abundant resource will deplete itself, so it’s better to preserve it as long as we can. A family’s water bill isn’t usually their largest but a few changes to your water habits can significantly lower this expense!

Turn It Off:

Everyone brushes their teeth and for those of us who leave the water running we are wasting 2-3 GALLONS of water during every brushing session. It may take some practice but try to remember that until you need it, leave the water off.

Time Your Showers:

Showering is a daily ritual that most people enjoy. Nothing makes feel better after a long hard day of work than to come home and take a nice hot shower. If you take into account all of those ten to fifteen minute showers that we all love so much and how much of that time is actually spent washing… think of all the water being wasted. Try limiting your family’s showers to around five minutes. Just making that change for one day is gallons off your water consumption total, and your bill.

Recycle Your Rainwater:

For those of us with a green thumb, studies have shown that using recycled rain water has great benefits for our plants! Purchasing and using a rain barrel to collect the water that Mother Nature gives us is a small investment that can make a big difference. They can be bought and made relatively cheaply. If you have a large family garden, not only will it save you trips to the tap but also hundreds of gallons off your water bill every year.

Be Conscious of Your Energy Usage:

As modern day humans, we live for technology and are lost without electricity. There are small changes you can make regarding your use of this resource that can create savings that you can see every month on your energy bill.

Not Using It? Turn It Off:

There is definitely no one advocating sitting in a dark room and reading by candlelight but turning a light off when you leave the room is a great way to conserve energy. Most people don’t realize that even though some appliances are turned off they are still soaking up power. Obviously we can’t go around unplugging our fridge or air conditioning systems but items such as small kitchen appliances, televisions, stereos and phone chargers can be unplugged when not in use. It may seem like a bit of a hassle, but with a little effort it can soon be second nature.

Watch Your Thermostat:

Everyone loves coming home to a nice cool house during the summer but would you really notice a dramatic change if your thermostat was just 2-3 degrees warmer? Probably not. Just making that slight adjustment can save you measurably throughout the year in both summer and winter and don’t worry it’s an easy adjustment!

Making Your Own Cleaning Products:

Notably, not every one has the time to learn how to make their own cleaning products but for those who do, it can be very rewarding. Most of your home can be effectively cleaned using basic, non toxic household items. There are plenty of recipes readily available online. This extra effort will not only save you tons of money every year, but it is a great way to keep toxic chemicals out of your home, making things just a bit safer for our kids.

It’s very true that a lot of the media regarding the Green movement makes it sound like it’s an expensive and complicated lifestyle. The truth is however, that while being ‘Green’ is great for the environment, it’s also beneficial to everyone who wishes their household bills were a lighter load to bear