Saving Money on Cable Bill Save Money on Television

Getting rid of the television can seem like an extreme thing to do and might be a major sacrifice for your family. Before you totally dismiss the idea and move on to another article, there are ways to save money without completely getting rid of television. The best way to save on television is to remove it altogether. In modern society, television is much more than a source of entertainment. Television is a source of information and knowledge. What are some of the ways that you can save on television?

1.) Remember there are free broadcast stations

Every major city in the United States has local television channels that broadcast free of charge. These stations usually broadcast to a limited area. The size of the broadcast area depends on the size and the power of the transmitter used by the station. Most local television stations can broadcast between a one hundred to two hundred mile radius from their location.

These local broadcast stations are affiliates, of a network such as ABC, CBS, or NBC. This means that they will broadcast those network programs with no charge. Therefore, if you are a fanatic of the television show Lost and have an ABC affiliate station in your area you can give up the cable without giving up your show.

2.) Remove the cable or satellite

By removing the cable or satellite services, you could be saving a considerable amount of money. Some television services can cost up to one hundred dollars or more per month. Most services are between forty to seventy dollars per month. The annual cost of these services adds up fast and that means the savings can also add up fast as well.

3.) Buy only basic cable or satellite plans

If you just cannot give up your television service or you have no local free broadcast stations you can still save money. Switch your cable or satellite service to basic only. The basic service will give you local broadcast stations and a few of the major cable television stations.

One of the main problems with basic cable is that it usually is not a good deal and is not significantly lower than the tier 1 services. This might be one reason that so few people have basic service. If you are going to pay twenty dollars for basic, you are going to pay a little more to get the next level.

Another option is satellite service because many of their packages start between twenty and thirty dollars per month. These packages usually offer more than basic cable for about the same cost. This could account for the rise in satellite service around the nation. Satellite service is also easier to acquire in rural areas where cable service is not available.

4.) Look for the best deal

Competition is a great thing in the television service industry. Competition means that cable and satellite companies are competing to get your business. There are a variety of cable and satellite options so you can find and packages that will suit almost any budget. The best thing to do is shop around to find the best deal that fits your budget and your family. Be smart with your money and search for the best possible deal you can find.

Remember to save the money for something significant. Many times when people actually make the plunge and save money on their television systems but spend it on other entertainment. Sacrificing television is to save the money for specific reasons like paying down your debt or increasing your monthly cash flow. Spending your savings on frivolous things is nothing but a waste.

Know what your financial goals are, know what you are going to spend the savings on before you remove the television and stick to the plan. Making financial sacrifices can be tough but the rewards are worth it.