Saving Money on Home Insurance

Saving money on home insurance can be done using a variety of tips to lower the cost of the premium, including finding discounts that are available, not filing unnecessary claims and adjusting the coverage and deductible amounts. Try to apply these tips to your current insurance company before shopping for a new policy.

One of the best tips to use to save money on home insurance is to find all of the discounts that can be applied to the policy. Discounts are provided for having protective devices such as a smoke alarm, a dead bolt lock as well as a fire extinguisher. A discount can also be applied if an individual is a non-smoker or belongs to a group such as an alumni association. Discounts are designed to lower the cost of the premium because they are seen as decreasing the risk to the insurance carrier. Discounts are also a way to offset any changes that are made to coverage limits as well as the deductible. You may need to take extra steps to ensure a specific discount gets applied to your policy.

Another tip that can be used to save money on home insurance is to know what kinds of events can increase the cost of the policy. For instance, the amount of claims made on a policy can result in an increase in premium. Insurers will raise an insurance rate because there is additional risk on the policy. You should not submit a claim unless it is absolutely necessary. This is especially true if the amount of the claim is not much more than the initial deductible. Keeping claims to a minimum heps to keep a policy in good standing with an insurer.

One of the best tips that can be used to save money on home insurance is to modify or change the deductible or coverage levels on a policy. Higher deductibles mean the insurer has to pay out less in the event a claim is made against the policy, which will result in a lower cost for the policy itself. Adjusting the coverages on a policy can also keep the premiums down. Make sure that the amount of coverage you are carrying is simply adequate and not excessive. There’s no reason to pay for unnecessary coverage.

Since your current current insurance company is in a better position to offer you discounts and other incentives, it makes sense to try and apply some of these tips to your current policy. If your current insurance carrier can’t do any better, it might be time to shop around.