Saving Money on Lunch

Tired of spending $10 on lunch at the sandwich shop by your office? Feeling cheated when being charged $10 for a cheeseburger at your local pub on Saturday? Feeling like you are spending way too much money on your lunches, given the current economic turmoil?

If so, you may be spending too much. Below are some tips for ways you can save money on lunch.

* Eat at home more often.

This tip may not be an option, if you go to an office daily. However, there are still weekend days, and you have lunch then, too.

Make a committed effort to eat lunch at you own dining room table more often. Consider food options that are low in cost but high in nutrition. A couple of examples of such foods are eggs and beans.

* Brown bag it.

If you go to the office daily, one of the most successful ways to save money is to take your own lunch. Instead of spending a lot of money at the office cafeteria or at the various restaurants nearby, brown bag it.

As you most likely have access to a microwave, one great option is to take canned soup and heat it up at work. Soup is reasonably priced, delicious and satisfying. It makes for a great lunch in any weather.

You may prefer taking a sandwich, chips and piece of fruit. Choose wisely, and you will save a substantial amount of money.

* Order water.

When you are eating out for lunch, get in the habit of ordering water. The reason is that both fast food places and restaurants make a huge profit on sodas, coffees and teas. Often, you will be charged two dollars, just for soda.

You can save a great deal on your total bill, sometimes around 20 percent on a low bill, just by ordering water. Do not feel cheap by doing so either. You are actually being smart.

* Stick to the specials.

You may have to eat out on occasion during the day. Look out for the specials the restaurant or deli offers. Oftentimes, these specials are lower in price than other items.

* Consider an appetizer.

Another good option is to order an appetizer instead of an entre at a restaurant. Many restaurants serve huge portions, and an appetizer will be more than enough for a lunch portion. It will probably cost far less than an entre as well.

* Avoid dessert.

If you want to save money on lunch when dining out, avoid the desserts. These items may taste good but they are totally overpriced. If you must satisfy a sweet tooth, keep a stash of candy bars in your car. You can have one on the drive back to the office.