Saving Money with Coupons

Coupons can be used in many stores and gas stations. Coupons can be found in the Sunday papers, from the manufacturer website, coupon websites, and magazines.  First when clipping or printing out coupons to do so for the coupons for products that your family uses on a daily basis.  

Education is the best policy with using coupons. Educate yourself with some of the best coupon blogs to follow.  Read up on the coupon policies of the stores that you frequently shop.  It is best to pay attention to the weekly sales.  Use a coupon on a product that is on sale.  Pay attention to stores that give you special money rewards (Walgreens register rewards) when you buy a specific product. Compare store to store sales to see which store has the better sale.   

Organization is a key to using coupons.  There are many ways to organize one’s coupons. Some people choose to keep the whole insert then wait to something is one sale then they cut what they need. There are some people have those small coupon accordion holders that one can put in their purse.  These holders are normally organized by categories of products. The bad part of these coupon holders is that they will not hold very many coupons for the extreme coupon shopper.  There is also the three ring binder style of organizing.  Individuals will buy baseball card sleeves to place the coupons in.  This can also be organized into various categories such as canned foods, drinks, meat, snack foods, and frozen to name a few.  This is the style of the organization method that I prefer.  The reason for this is because I can see my coupons and there is plenty of room for coupons. It is bulky to take to the stores but I prefer to take the whole binder in case I did not know about something that was on sale.  

Coupons are a great thing to share with others.  Try to find a friend that also uses coupons and then you can trade with each other. Or you can print coupons that the other person would need.  If you start giving coupons to someone they may start giving coupons back to you in exchange.  When working with another person then you have someone to keep you updated on the deals in the area. At the end of the month, if you have coupons left over that are expiring, find a group that send coupons to the overseas military groups.  Military families overseas can use coupons up to 6 months after their expiration dates.  Just because you were not able to use the coupons someone else may be able to use them for their family.   

Coupons can be overwhelming when you first start but it take it slow. Spend a little time each working with your coupons, may it be looking for coupons, organizing coupons or looking at the sales.  Remember to find a friend to help you in this process of saving money.  Every little bit of money that you are able to save on a grocery is more money that can be going to another bill. Start saving by using coupons with every grocery shopping trip.