Saving Money

The British economy is supposedly working it’s way out of a recession at last and according to the government we are supposed to start spending to help it on it’s way.

How do we spend when the majority of the population doesn’t have any spare money? Whether it be due to the mass redundancies that have plagued many work forces, the huge rise is the basic cost of living or just the economic down turn in general people are being urged to spend spend spend to make the country great again, but how?

A few small cut backs or ‘belt tightening’ procedures can ensure a small but significant amount of spare money at the end of each month which can be used to shop till you drop, if one so wishes that is.

Gym memberships: Is there something coming out of your bank every month that you are not fully aware of? Some forgotten membership or direct debit that is no longer used or needed. If so scouring through your bank statements every month are a must if you don’t know the full incomings and outgoings then it may well be you are losing money which could be saved.

The rising cost of fuel is one thing that seems to be crippling today’s society if you happen to be fortunate to drive and own a car.  Something simple like leaving your car at home once or twice a week and walking if possible or car sharing can save a small fortune.  Not only is it good for the environment but the exercise gained if walking could make a huge difference to your lifestyle if you don’t normally get much exercise.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is not only a fantastic way of saving money but it’s extremely fulfilling to see something you have nurtured growing before your eyes.  The cost is minimal whilst the benefits speak for themselves not to mention the delicious taste.

Try to have a money jar in the kitchen for example.  This could be for something like giving up smoking and putting the money you would have used into the jar instead, or swearing – we all say the odd naughty word now and again but if it’s a nasty habit then stick a pound or dollar in the jar and it will soon add up towards a treat.  Even if you don’t have any bad habits just simply put any loose change you may have in your purse/wallet or pockets in there and at the end of the year you will be surprised what you have managed to save.

A simple way to get more money is to supplement your income by simple things like yard sales, sell unwanted clutter on Ebay or have a clothes swapping party – a new outfit for no money.   There is a plethora of online surveys that can be done to earn rewards such as vouchers as well as monetary and all this does add up if you give them a go.

Once money has been well and truly saved and earnt in some cases then it’s possible to start shopping once again, and hopefully build up the economy but is that enough to kick start things?

Only time will tell.