Saving on Shoes

Most of us spend a lot more money on shoes than we need to. Most people don’t like to buy used shoes, and think that they are getting good deal buying new shoes. But, there are ways that you can save money on new shoes.


The local shoe store near my house offers coupons on regular basis. These are not the regular square sized coupons. They look like pamphlets and have codes on them. If you use the coupons, then you can save a lot of money.

Most of these coupons do have restrictions. One of the restrictions is that your total purchase must be above or equal to $100. If you are going to buy normal shoes, then you can buy shoes for the whole family for $100. This way you will be able to take advantage of the coupons.

Make sure you do your research and always keep coupons ready for use!


Shoe stores are known to have massive sales. There are many different types of sales. You can get free pairs of shoes, and save a lot of money. The good shoe stores will always have sales on Boxing Day and holiday season.

There are also the clearance sales where you can literally save hundreds of dollars on shoes. You must do your research on the Internet or through fliers. Shop when there is sale!

Buy less pair of shoes

This is a problem that is generally associated with Women. But, let me tell you Men can have the same problem. You don’t need different shoes to play basketball, exercising, and playing soccer. Some people purchase different shoes for different sports. I have played casual basketball with running shoes, and it doesn’t make a difference.

Unless you are a professional athlete, you can use one or two pairs of shoes for everything. If you want to save money, then use one good pair of shoes for all sports and events.

I usually keep two pairs of shoes. One pair is used for sporting activities, and the other one is used for parties and formal events. Two pairs are enough for most people, but they end up buying a lot more.

Buy long lasting pair of shoes

Once you reach your adulthood, your shoe size will no longer increase. This means that you can use the same pair of shoes for a long time. Some people buy cheap and low quality shoes to save money. But, does it really save money?

In my opinion, it ends up costing more money. The branded shoes have a lasted a longer time in my case. Buying expensive shoes and taking care of them can save you more money in the long run. The cheap shoes will break or cause a lot of discomfort after a while. During sales the branded shoes can cost the same amount of money, so make sure you buy them during a sale.

These are some tips to save money on shoes.