Savings that Add up

There are some people who are convinced that it is impossible for them to save money, because their budget is so tight that they are just barely getting by.  To start saving, it is not necessary to be able to set aside a large sum of money each month.  In fact, if you can set aside just twenty-five cents a week, you will be surprised how quickly it can add up.  Here are some little ways to save big money.

The Right Time To Shop

Studies have proved that a person who is hungry will spend much more at the grocery store than someone who has just eaten a meal.  The same holds true for people who are depressed or stressed out.  So, plan to do your shopping when you are full, content and relaxed.

Stay Away From Certain Places

If you have a weakness for spending money at certain places or on certain items, stay away from those places.  For example, if you gamble, do not go near a casino or a store that has gambling machines.  If you have a weakness for shoes, do not go near the shoe stores.  Every time you are tempted to go to a place where you know you would spend a considerable amount of money, do not go.  Instead, set the money aside in a special place or in a savings account.


If you really enjoy going to the movies every week, you can save money by going to an afternoon matinee instead of going in the evening.  Purchase some snack foods like licorice sticks or pop your own popcorn at home and put it in a Ziploc bag.  Take along a small soda pop or bottle of water, too, and put everything in a large purse.


Start searching on the internet for free samples.  Save all of them that you can get.  Watch the dollar stores or yard sales for inexpensive baskets or interesting containers.  Whenever it is time to give a gift, make a gift basket with one of your containers and the free samples you have on hand.

Neighbor and Family Exchange

Get together with your neighbors, family and friends and figure out ways to exchange things so that everyone can save money.  For example, one family might agree to babysit for an evening if the other family will mow their lawn.  Another lady might agree to clean her neighbor’s house a certain number of days, if the neighbor will carpool her children to school and other activities during the week.  Everyone will be able to save some money.

Forget About the Joneses

Stop competing with your neighbors, friends and families.  You simply do not have to have what they have.  Stop spending money on things just so you can have the same thing someone else has.

None of these things are difficult to put into practice.  In fact, all of them are really quite simple.  The exciting thing is that each one has the potential of saving you a considerable amount of money.  These are just a few of the little ways to save big money.