Seven questions you should ask before choosing a DUI attorney

Are you awaiting a court date due to a DUI charge, and not sure how to find the right attorney best suited for your case? It is a difficult task sorting out the great from the good and tossing away the bad. Hopefully, these tips will help you find an attorney rightfully qualified to handle your case.

Looking in your local library is a good place to start. Generally, attorneys that have published articles or books are recognized for their extensive knowledge in their field of practice. Look under the DUI law section to find an attorney who has the knowledge and experiences you seek for your case.

Now look at how many DUI trials the firm has handled in the past. Don’t rely on the attorney’s word, do your own research. In reality, there are many attorneys that will lead you to believe they are great DUI attorneys. However, the truth is a lot of them have never even been to a jury trial, nor won the case for their clients. You have to be careful; this is your future at stake, so take every necessary precaution to ensure you get the best possible defense you can. A good DUI attorney should have numerous jury trials within a year’s time. You want an attorney who isn’t afraid to go to trial, for attorneys fearing trial is the leading cause of the prosecutors offering lighter sentences and offer reductions.

Next, find out if the attorney you have in mind is a member of the NCDD (National College for DUI Defense). This is an important piece of information, only the attorney’s that have been recommended by no less than two judges may be accepted in this college. In addition to this, the NCDD is recognized by the American Bar Association to be the only organization rightfully qualified to certify an attorney as a specialist in DUI defense.

Look at the attorney’s track record, ask them for references on how many appeal decisions they have handled, only the best qualified DUI attorneys have the skill to successfully appeal DUI cases. A genuine DUI defender will appeal numerous cases within a year’s time in order to win as many cases as conceivable.

Ask your attorney for credentials. A highly qualified DUI attorney will have countless thank you notes from previous clients they have defended. Ask them to provide you with copies of them. Remember this is your future, so don’t rely strictly on their word.

Make sure your attorney has access to the breath alcohol machine’s internal download data and sheriff’s records. If they do not, then they are not rightfully qualified to handle your case, for these types of machines are computerized and have several malfunctions. Any attorney who doesn’t have the knowledge of this cannot defend your case properly.

Hopefully, this has provided you with enough information to find the rightfully qualified attorney to handle your case. Don’t be afraid to ask the difficult questions before making your decision. Keep in the back of your mind that your future is at stake.