Seven reliable websites for buying health insurance

You do not have to wait to get on a government website to get health insurance. There are a number of reliable websites written by health insurance experts that will tell you all you need to know about health insurance and will enable you to purchase a personalized health insurance plan that is cost effective.

Insurance companies, such as Aetna, Horizon Blue Cross and United Healthcare, provide all the information you need to succeed in purchasing health insurance for yourself, for your family or for your business. Whether you opt for free annual checkups, choose a cheaper monthly plan or a higher deductible is totally up to you.

Employer-sponsored health insurance and Medicare-sponsored health insurance basically follow their own marketplace for securing a health plan. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may be best suited for you only if you are without access to any affordable insurance. Many individual states that have their own websites up and running are now offering help on understanding The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and will also guide you on how to choose the best health insurance plan for you. Insurance agents are always a good source of first-hand knowledge about the subject too.

You may want to try accessing a couple or more of the reliable websites for health insurance before you make your first move. The following seven websites should help you navigate through any confusion you have about health insurance. But before you click on any of the websites, ask yourself these five questions first:

  1. Do I understand the Affordable Care Act and how it works?
  2. How much is in my personal budget for health insurance?
  3. What plan offers me the most comprehensive coverage?
  4. Will I be able to keep my current doctors with the health insurance plan I have chosen?
  5. Is contacting my insurance agent the best way to get the health insurance I require?

Now that you’ve answered those five important questions go ahead and choose from either Horizon Blue, Aetna or United Healthcare to get more information on your health insurance options and costs. If you want a state plan right away, go directly the State Market Health Insurance Market Plan Profiles at the Kaiser Family Foundation website. To read about “How People Get Health Insurance” try one or both Health 101 articles. Small businesses should refer to articles like, “Tips That Business Owners like Yourself Should Keep in Mind”.

  1.  Aetna’s Site on “How to Buy Health Insurance”
  2.  Horizon Blue Cross’s guide to “Help Me Choose a Plan”
  3.  United Health Care’s “Saver Plans + More”
  4.  The Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation
  5.   CEO of Maxwell Health, Health Insurance 101
  6.   How People Get Health Insurance 101
  7.   Tips for Small Businesses