Seven Things Needed to Survive the End of the World

Although the likelihood of an actual apocalypse is slim, it is always a good idea to plan for emergencies, be it an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood, power loss, or the end of the world.  There are many important things to have on hand, but following are the seven most important items to survive an apocalypse.

1. Store drinking water.  This is the first one, because it is the most important.  A human can survive about a month with no food but will die after three days of no water.  Those five-gallon jugs are easy to get, so have at least a couple of them set aside for emergencies.  If bathing/washing are concerns, store regular water as well.

2. Stock shelves with canned goods.  Don’t waste time storing perishables, since they don’t store well.  Get canned meats, vegetables and fruit as well as getting a manual can opener.  An electric one won’t work during an apocalypse or a power failure.

3. Money will be worthless, but you will need things to trade.  Actual commodities such as gold, silver and jewels will be far more important than paper money should or society crumble.

4. Get a couple gallons of fuel and store in your garage.  Not for a car, but for generators, heaters, grills, etc.  The ability of being able to get heat will be essential to survival.  This will also help heat water to kill bacteria as well as cooking food, not to mention keeping you warm in winter.

5. Buy or put together your own first aid kid.  Make sure it has a variety of bandages, antiseptic ointment, antibiotic cream, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, scissors, hydrocortisone, adhesive tape, blanket, cold compress, tweezers, latex gloves, thermometer, gauze pads, aspirin, ibuprofen, as well as a first aid booklet.

6. Camping supplies will come in handy.  If you have enough storage space, get a tent.  They do collapse down pretty small now a days, especially the small ones. A sleeping bag will be important, especially during winter as well as the comfort factor. A small pot and pan for cooking and don’t forget the toilet paper and insect repellent.

7. If the end of the world actually happens, people will become like animals.  Make sure you have a weapon to defend yourself.  At least one gun will be necessary, but a knife is also important.  A bow and arrows can also be used for both defense and hunting.  

Depending on the person, other things could be deemed just as important.  Although it might be true that things like clothes, books and toys are important, they are not as essential as the above seven.  Here is hoping this list is never needed.