Shoestring Budget Furnishing

When it comes to moving into your first home you’re excited. There is the joy over your new home and you have a million ideas running around in your head of how you want it to look. The problem is that your budget is almost non-existent to furnish your new home. So how do you furnish your home on a shoestring budget? It’s not easy but it can be done, there are a few things that you can do to make it easier on you when you begin the attempts of furnishing your home no matter how broke you may be.

The first thing to do is remember that less is more. You don’t want to clutter it up and you have years ahead of you to add to what you’ve got. You need to prioritize so that you get what you actually need first. Starting with the kitchen and the bedroom is a good guideline. You have to furnish the kitchen to have some place to cook your meals and the bedroom because you don’t want to sleep on the floor.

Hopefully you’ve already gotten the appliances. If you haven’t you should check the newspaper for used items if you can’t afford to purchase them new even if they’re on sale. The dining room or kitchen table can be found at a discount or second hand store in fairly good condition. Whether you decide on a table cloth and place mats or just place mats you can find them at a local Dollar store rather inexpensively. When you first begin you just need the basics all the extra touches can come later.

The furniture for the entire house can be gotten out of the newspaper from people that are selling used furniture. Check the local discount stores and flea markets for items that you can use in your house. If you have relatives that have moved or are moving check with them. They might have some furniture that they don’t need anymore. Remember people don’t always move into larger homes.

Have a house warming party. When you have a house warming party you can get a lot of things that you need for your new home as gifts. It’ll cut down on the little things that add up that you have to purchase. You could just get a couple items to make the decorating easier. Planning ahead and figuring out what you actually need to get by will make it easier to prioritize.