Shoplifting how when and why it is Committed

You’re in the store with a friend, and they suddenly she tells you to cover her. Before you can ask why, she’s quickly grabbed a shirt and stuffed in into her bag. You’re shocked – your friend never seemed like a thief, and even shoplifting was out of character for her. Hopefully this hasn’t ever happened to you, but if it has (or even if it hasn’t), you may want to know a little more about shoplifting.

Shoplifiting is actually very common. It’s the act of stealing something from a store or other retail establishment. Shoplifiting has been going on since the 1500s, and people have found new, harder to detect ways of doing it. Unfortunately, shoplifting is a crime that can be done by pretty much anyone, since it doesn’t require much skill.

So, how exactly is shoplifting committed? Well, the answer isn’t exactly rocket science. A person simply walks into a store, grabs something, and quickly slips it into their bag after taking off the tag, if necessary. There are also people out there who steal clothes by putting them on under their own clothes in the fitting room and then just walking out of the store. And, if someone is stealing DVDs or CDs, he or she may use a knife or another small tool to take off the casing.

Shoplifting can be committed at any time, day or night. However, it is more likely to happen when the store is very busy, or when the staff has a lot to do and is distracted, such as opening and closing times. So if you’re a retailer or store employee, then you’ll want to be especially wary of shoplifters at these times.

Shoplifting, just like any other crime, can happen for many, many different reasons. While a few people that shoplift do actually have kleptomania, or the compulsive urge to steal, most do not. Professional shoplifters may have the malicious intention of getting money by selling things they steal, such as jewelry, watches and branded clothes. On the the other hand, people may also walk into a store, see something that they “just have to have,” and walk out with it. Teen shoplifters steal because they think of it as a prank or because of peer pressure. They may also shoplift because it’s a risk or challenge that they’re putting themselves up to, or because they want to get back at the store. Sadly, these excuses do not make shoplifting acceptable in any way.

Shoplifting is a serious crime, and it is stealing, no matter what people may say. If you have shoplifted before or you know someone who does, then do everything in your power to stop it. You’ll be better off not having something than if you get it it by stealing it.