The day after the Thanksgiving Holiday is known as “Black  Friday.” That particular day is considered to be the first day of the Christmas Holiday season. As such, Jewish people and Christians everywhere on Earth celebrate their religious holidays by buying gifts for their friends, family, co-workers and loved ones. Many strange things do happen on that particular day of the year.

That is also the day when many retail and wholesale sellers offer sale prices on selected merchandise to attract buyers to their place of business. Long lines of people form in front of those places of business on what we now know as “Black Friday” so that they will be able to purchase one or more of those sale items before the business people in question sell all of those items. If you have not already guessed, the most popular items are sold quickly and many people get mad because some other person snatched the item in question right out of their hands.

It is sad but true that some people will even fight others for the opportunity to purchase one or more of those popular items. The increased road traffic of people who go to those places of business cause traffic delays and many accidents and injuries. As a result, that first holiday shopping day became known as “Black Friday.”

I will not go shopping on “Black Friday” for the following reasons. I do not want to wait in the long lines that are formed at the cash registers. I do not want to get into an argument with a person who wants the same item as I do. I do not want to have a traffic accident. I do not want to search for a parking space and maybe have to walk several blocks to that place of business afterward. So too, I do not want to carry many items back to where I parked my mode of transportation.

It is no wonder to me why many people simply purchase gift certificates as gifts for those who they know and love. I expect to receive many such gifts and one need not go out shopping on “Black Friday” to redeem such certificates. This year, 2012, many items are on sale long before “Black Friday,” due to the depressed economy within the United States of America. Therefore, the wise shopper has probably finished his or her holiday shopping many weeks before “Black Friday.”