Short Term Medical Insurance Benefits Medical Insurance Insurance Insurance Plans

Short-term medical insurance plans offer you coverage for a restricted period of time, and may be the perfect resolution for certain individuals. Maybe you have just graduated from college or between jobs; this would be a great solution for you. Other instances where this insurance would come in handy is if you are no longer covered under your parent’s health insurance plan or you have a new job and you have to wait for three months until the coverage kicks in. These are excellent motives to investigate short-term medical insurance coverage and see if it’s obtainable in your state.

Short-term medical insurance normally presents coverage for 30 to 180 days, though some plans will protect you at first for up to 12 months. If your needs go longer than the coverage, you might be able to renew the coverage, but they will not usually cover you for anything past a year. If you need coverage for a longer period of time, you may want to investigate individual and family health insurance plans.

The process to apply for short-term medical insurance is frequently simpler than typical, longer-term health insurance. Applications are usually accepted over the internet or through the mail and by credit card or check. Confirm with the company for full information on the application procedure and on coverage benefits.

This type of insurance is intended to protect against unanticipated illnesses or accidents, rather than to offer wide-range coverage. Short-term medical insurance does not usually include coverage for physicals, preventive care, immunizations, vision or dental care, pregnancy or childbirth costs, or pre-existing conditions. You will usually first have a deductible to pay before benefits will pay and also co-payments. You will be permitted to choose your own hospital, physician and other health care provider. You will have coverage for outpatient and inpatient services, hospital room charges, x-rays and lab work. Benefits are typically available as soon as the insurance company receives your first premium payment and your application.

If you acquire a short-term medical insurance plan, it will make you disqualified for any guaranteed issue individual health plans frequently referred to as HIPAA Plans. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is meant for people who have pre-existing medical illnesses who normally would have trouble getting health insurance anyway.

Short-term medical insurance is intended for a person’s emergency needs. This type of insurance benefits people when they need the coverage for certain times in their lives. It is not wise to live without valuable health insurance coverage since that may head to bankruptcy. Simultaneously, some people cannot afford costly high priced long term insurance coverage and for them acquiring short-term medical insurance is the resolution. These policies are quite affordable and simple to obtain.

Short-term medical insurance policies can assist you in filling in the gaps in your health insurance coverage. And that’s clearly what the doctor ordered!