Short Term vs Long Term Considerations of Investing in Oil

Investing in oil is not different than in other sectors; if you buy low you can make the highest profit but you never know if your investment can be considered as a good short term investment because oil prices fluctuate daily and there are several reasons why a price can go up or down. It is proven investing in oil are good long term investments but the short term considerations are risky and often a gamble.

Investing in oil is not only a matter of buying when there is a high potential that prices will go up but you need to be careful in picking the right companies and do a lot of research. You can invest in shares but diversification is an important factor. There are several oil companies which make great losses and even go bankrupt. The price of the oil is not the only factor which determinate the profit of an oil company.

It is important to take in consideration if you want to invest in oil companies who make profit by selling oil or through oil exploring and discovering. Investing in these companies can make huge profits but it is possible you may lose all your money of your investment. It is possible they explore in risky areas with the consequence that there is no oil present. This is often the case if you choose for small oil stocks which only explore in risky areas. It is possible you make a good short time investment if you have luck there is a great market and you can earn in a few months several times your invested money but it is more a gamble and only recommended for investors who can afford to lose a part of their money.

In today’s world oil is a good long term investment but often is the best timing buying in a recession where the demand is low and as a result also a low oil price. We noticed the last years a high increase of the oil prices through the emerging markets, for example China and India where the economy was growing rapidly. Political reasons affect also these prices, for example problems in the Middle East; and you can take the risk to buy stocks or mutual funds of oil companies during this period but it is not more than a gamble. You never now if there is enough potential to rise; if yes you made a good short term investment; otherwise you made a big mistake and can end with great losses and it can take years before your gain your money back.

If you want to invest in oil; it is best you invest for the long term and make enough diversification in your oil investments. If you buy stocks; invest in different companies and best these which has proven good returns in the past or you can consider to buy mutual funds which invest in oil stocks worldwide. The value of the dollar is another important factor because oil is priced in dollars and a strong dollar will increase the oil prices and lower the prices of oil companies. It is necessary to take all the necessary precautions in consideration before you invest in oil and probably within several years, alternative energy will likely be a better energy investment.