Should a Car Accident Injury Settlement Pay more than just Medical Expenses

Car accidents occur every day.  Therefore, insurance settlements are always in progress, and many of these settlements have different end results, according to the insurance company.  Many of these insurance settlements only pay for medical expenses, which raises the question of whether or not that is sufficient.  There are several reasons why a car accident injury settlement should pay more than medical expenses.

Firstly, medical bills are not the only bills acquired during the accident.  Therefore, if a settlement only pays for just the medical expenses, they are not paying enough.  The factor of damage to the vehicle, the need for a rental car, and loss of work time are all examples of bills that could arise from an accident.  Therefore, if medical bills are the only bills paid for, then all of the remaining bills will not be covered, which will lead to a person getting into a significant amount of debt.  If an accident happens, everything should be covered in the accident.  This is what should define any kind of insurance coverage.

A car accident injury settlement should pay for more than medical expenses because insurance companies have the money to give. People don’t realize how much money insurance companies have, especially the bigger ones.  They overcharge for their premiums and then give limited coverage to people who don’t pay an enormous amount of money.  Insurance companies have enough money to give their customers for more than just medical expenses, which is only a small fraction of the actual cost.

An accident injury settlement should pay more than medical expenses because it should teach the driver at fault a lesson to be more careful.  Oftentimes, a driver at fault will have a slight increase in insurance.  However, if the driver is made to pay for every possible need of the injured driver and the vehicle that was hit, the lesson may be learned easier.  A car accident settlement should pay for more than medical expenses to teach the driver at fault a lesson.

Medical expenses are just a small part of the cost of an accident in many cases.  Therefore, it is important than more than a small fraction be covered.  Furthermore, the insurance company has the money to give, so fairness should precede greed.  The driver at fault needs to learn, and paying more will possibly be a wake up call to be more careful.