Should a Constitutional Amendment have been Required to Prohibit Todays Illicit – Yes

There is a reason the 2nd ammendment exists. Guns are the most controversial things someone can own. The US government claims that drugs kill people when the same is even more easy to say about guns. The only way it should even be possible to keep Americans locked up in cages would be for an ammendment to be in effect prohibiting drugs like alcohol was in the 20s. Keep in mind that failed and gave rise to the black market where issues are solved with violence and without regulation. The issue of purity also causes many problems as well similar to how some moonshine caused blindness to those who drank it.

Many people who have not hurt anyone are only allowed to support cartels and buy drugs from organizations that promote violence and can lace their products with harmful and possibly deadly additives. There is money invested in this drug war by the US government who was recently found supplying military grade weapons to the Mexican cartels. We have created a market that criminals and anyone else can easily profit from instead of creating a system where we can educate, regulate and profit from drug use.

It has been foolish to think that any form of government could curb the desire of humanity to achieve altered states of consciousness and I find it comical that the fear and lies spread about drug use have rooted themselves deeply into many. Would you want whoever you know to do drugs and have an option for rehab if needed or instead go to jail, pay lots of money, and continue to use whatever whoever sells them? It’s extremely hippocritical for our government to allow synthetic heroin and stimulants similar to meth to be sold pharmecutically when natural heroin is illegal and ADHD medications are prescribed to so many children.

Weed doesnt kill people but I’m damn sure that someone has been convicted for possesion, gone to jail and died in there. Prohibition has caused the redefinition of a crime in the land of the free. A crime used to be infringing someone elses freedom but now its disobeying the established law no matter how subjective it has become. Our government has become corrupt and money will try to keep it that way if nothing is done.

Together people who can think for themselves will realize the real lies in front of them with real eyes and eventually the truth will be known. Certain drugs have influenced our society and religion more than those who fear drugs can see. While some people were not meant to do drugs some people have much to learn from the experiences and information they have to provide. It makes me wonder why the government is so adamant about criminalizing a portion of society that has and will always exist at the cost of all taxpayers.