Should a Tazer be used as a Form of Discipline – No

Over the past few years Tazers have been used against criminals as a form of discipline. A tazer which is an electronic restraining/compliance device is used to stun the criminals completely with massive bolts of electricity. A very cruel way to arrest a criminal. This new form of discipline has become very common with law enforcement. This is without a doubt a form of misconduct, police brutality, and excessive force. So should tazers be used as a form of discipline? No this goes against everything we believe in. Our forefathers wrote a constitution, and in the eighth amendment it says “prohibition over any cruel or unusual punishments”.

How can stunning a criminal with massive amounts of electricity not be categorized as a cruel and unusual punishment? How has our great country looked at tazers and sought them as a useful way of discipline. When a person is tazed their body goes into shock, they cannot move as the electricity takes over their nervous system. Leaving the person that has been tazed in excruciating pain. Yet law enforcement, will make excuses by saying that it’s “not lethal”. We know it’s non-lethal but how far will we go. If we keep dropping our standards of discipline we will soon think that it is okay to kill the criminal right on the spot. The truth is the ones that are enforcing the law are breaking the law themselves. They violate amendment 8, and therefore they should be charged as well as the criminal.

The ones that should be protecting the law are breaking the law. And everyone seems to ignore it because they say that the criminal deserves it. They are individuals with God-given rights. They have the same civil liberties as everyone else. Yet they are constantly abused and violated. Due to the lowering of American standards, we are treating crimes with crimes, which will not get the work done; it will only abuse what we are trying to do. We are taught by Jesus Christ that “those who live by the sword will die by the sword”. America will fall if we continue to lower our standards and laws that have been set out for us by our fore-fathers. The ones who created this country were inspired by God, and knew what to do to keep our country strong and great. Using Tazer’s as a form of discipline should be abolished, and should never be used again. If we abolish this form of discipline our crime rates will fall, and America will rise.