Should a Woman have the right to Choose Abortion – No


Abortion is a touchy subject shrouded by countless controversial news stories that pop up on a regular basis. Some people are for it, and some are against it. SOme however argue that the means of conceiving, such as rape victims, should have the right to abort as they were unwilling to conceive in the first place. However, what is the difference between killing a child and killing an unborn child, no matter the means of conceiving? There is no difference; it is still murder, so technically, you are asking, should a Woman have the right to murder a child? Should A woman have the right to take the life of another who does not have a voice to protest?

Obviously, the answer i choose is a definite and thorough no. I have been against abortion since i learned what it was at a young age, and I do not believe that a man, woman, or anyone has the right to take the life of someone, especially a child, that does not have the voice to protest about whether he would like to live or not. They are taking away that right, they are taking away that voice and making the decision for the child right there and then. They are taking away the right that every human being has, the right to live. If anyone with sense is still left alive, you will be bale to see that this specific act of cruelty is exactly what it says, an act of cruelty far beyond crime if you ask me.

When I was younger, this was a frequent debate article within my Religious education and Social Education classes and i would frequently argue my point across as much as I could my absolute feelings on the subject, and rest assured, I NEVER went unheard when this subject arose. It is something i feel very strongly about.

Think of it this way. If you were that unborn, and what you can hear from your slumber in the womb, is your supposed mother talking about not wanting you, not wanting to hold you, to make you happy, to give you life. Then you are taken to that table, and right before your eyes, you are killed, you are dead to the world, gone. Then think of it another way. What if you are a young child? Just born into this world, and they talk about the same thing, and you are killed. Really, what is the difference? You are KILLING a child no mater what you do, you are destroying their right to live, and that in it’s own right is an unforgivable crime.

The hammer of justice has yet to hit the table when it comes to abortion, yet I personally can not see any reason why. Why are women who abort children not locked behind bars? What is the difference? Abortion is a crime. Merciless and unforgivable. Women who feel regret, sorrow and guilt after abortions deserve a hell of a lot worse than that, they should be locked away for murder, because when all is said and done and all the laws are aside, that is exactly the crime that they are committing.