Should a Woman have the right to Choose Abortion – No

The notion that the woman carrying the child has the right to ultimately decide what happens to the unborn child inside is ludicrous.  Does the woman have a right to privacy and deciding what happens to her body, yes.  But it is not the sole decision of the woman that should decide the fate of another human being.

Some may ask why wouldn’t the male partner or donor of the sperm have a decision as to what happens to the unborn child that is in the body of the woman?  Although the woman is carrying the potential child or even children, the child was not conceived without the donor, or this debate would have less controversial value than it does.  Some may argue that the father usually splits and leaves the decision of the fate of another human being on the woman alone.  To those, I say, who has asked the baby?

God did give us free will to make choices.  God also gave us commandments to follow and take into our heart.  Thou shalt not kill is an important commandment that we live by.  Our founding fathers who freed America from Britain’s control founded our country on the beliefs of “One nation, under God”  Our nations laws give rights to all human beings.  Why then would we not honor the rights of the child that is being born in the belly of the mother?  Why should the mother feel that terminating the life of someone who is not yet come into the world is her right just because she is carrying the child?

What about the the health and well-being of the mother during pregnancy?  Well from a selfish perspective, the woman may want to terminate pregnancy prematurely as she risks her own life if carrying out the pregnancy.  This fear and conclusion is as absurd as not driving a car to the grocery store in fear of getting into a horrible car wreck.  Can you control what other drivers are thinking or doing?  Why then would you let fear of the unknown control or decide what you would do? 

Truth is, God is ultimately in control of what is going to happen in our lives.  We are just hosts of this world sent here to live life.  God has given us the gift of free will.  But His commandments are still the laws of the land.  Jesus did not come to refute or dismiss the laws, but to fulfill.  We are also to fulfill and honor God’s laws for us. 

What does God have to do with this debate if you don’t believe in Him?  Why can’t you just do what you want with your body if you don’t believe in God?  What if you believe that we are put here by chance?  How about wrapping your head around the thought of this:  What are the chances that the sperm fertilized the egg and conceived a fetus at all?  Let’s just say its miraculous odds of being pregnant.  Consider that its not just because you or the father forgot to use protection, but that it was meant to be.