Should a Woman have the right to Choose Abortion – No

I am not here to judge anyone, but to simply state some facts that have become blurred as of late.  First off lets draw some parameters.  If you choose to have an abortion as permitted by our government, you are choosing to end that other life, thus you abort a life.  A life that was created in the sanctity of your womb by God, in a consensual act between two people.  For the sake of argument we will not include a child of rape.   This is a horrible act that damages a woman so much, I or no one else can ever walk in their shoes and can only pray that God will heal them.  But if the act is consensual, then there is no debate.  You chose to take that chance, and it didn’t go the way you planned.  Gee, that’s a surprise.  But this time you want your very own child to pay the cost and make the ultimate sacrifice and this because you made a mistake.  Don’t you see how wrong that is at every single level.  A mother taking her own child’s life because she made a mistake.  

Just the selfishness alone is appalling.  To not only sacrifice another human being, but your very own flesh and blood, who is purely innocent, makes me nauseous.  If you can kill your own flesh and blood, because 5 out of 9 Justices say they think you can, you would agree to anything that anyone said. As long as it was to your advantage of course.  For if someone treads on your rights, you fit like a dog.  For now it is your right, to just smoke or contain teachers salaries, for now it’s affecting you in some trivial way.  Certainly not life or death.  And if it is, then maybe you get my point.  I don’t want anyone making that decision but me.  For it is truly only my right.  You don’t morally have that right.

But then you justify it in your own mind, just like you’re doing right now.   But, I’m not crazy or radical I’m just closer to God.  And the truth is very, very clear to me.  You know how it is, it’s not easy to hide from the truth.  As now you hear it in the distance.  But it will come closer and close, and of course become louder and louder, to even strike you.  For you ended a life.  The one life you were suppose to protect and care for.  The one life any true parent would have died for, any single one of us at any single moment.  True parents would all give their life for their child in an instant.  And would never advocate for someone else to abort their child.

And after all that, or even if you just feel the way I do.  You still want to fight to continue this law, so others can have the right to kill their child, perhaps like you killed yours, then you truly are a disturbed human being, who cares nothing about anybody but yourself.  Such utter contempt.  And that baby, your Son or Your Daughter, everything you took from them.  Hell, you took it all.  You have today.  God willing you will have tomorrow too.  But you took all that hope, all that potential, all that love they were going to give and you destroyed it all and it wasn’t even yours, for God gave those gifts to your child.  Imagine opening all your child’s presents on Christmas.  That’s what you did.  And you opened all His kids presents too, and even his grand kids presents.  It just keep going. For none of them will ever exist.  For you stole it all!  But that’s your state given right, isn’t it.  But we know it’s certainly not a God given right, don’t we.  

Yet a woman can do whatever she wants with her body, right?  Can she yell fire in a movie theater?  Can she smack who ever she wants?  Can she look at child pornography?  Can she intentionally cause harm or even kill her own self.  The answer is no.  These are all against state and federal laws.  So maybe a woman can’t do whatever she wants with her body.  Even willing prostitutes are told, “hey you can’t do that with your body”.  These acts are all deemed illegal.  But the one act that does the most harm, the one thing that is truly, truly immoral, and without doubt pure evil, the state sanctions.  And now you think it is okay to murder your own child who is in the sanctity of your womb.   

Like I said I am not here with the purpose of changing you.  I am only here to state some simple facts.  If you believe in something so strongly, don’t you think you should get the truth.  Especially when it is a matter of life and death. The death of your very own child, by your very own hand.  For you won’t be able to say, I didn’t know it was a real life.  Because, we all really know deep down inside that abortion is murder at its’ absolute worst.  At least anyone with a conscious.  Just think about it.