Should a Woman have the right to Choose Abortion – No

A woman does not have any right to take a life. Why should a woman have the right to choose to take it away just because she does not want it? Having an abortion is a selfish decision on the part of the mother. Having an abortion is also a decision that will change more than two lives; it changes the lives of the father and family members as well.

Many women feel guilt and anxiety after having an abortion. Many of them cope with it for the rest of their lives. Having an abortion isn’t like getting rid of a wart or unwanted body hair; it’s far more serious. If she later decides that she did want that child after all, there’s no turning back. If an abortion is done in haste, the mother didn’t even have time to think about the future. Once an abortion has been done, the child is gone forever. No amount of tears or heartbreak can change that fact or reverse the decision to have done the abortion.

Women’s bodies are temples; they’re highly sacred according to God. If a woman has unprotected sex, she has to face the consequences. There are many ways to keep from getting pregnant such as condoms, birth control pills, diaphragms, knowing your cycle and fertile period, etc. Women need to be responsible for their actions, and having an abortion is taking the easy way out. There are a few excellent alternatives to having an abortion including shared custody, family members, foster parents, and open adoption. There are thousands of couples who eagerly want to adopt a child and would take the child from you.

In a case of rape however, I see where having an abortion is justified. Rape is not a choice and is a circumstance that the female shouldn’t be responsible for. If a teenage girl is raped, she shouldn’t be forced to deal with a forced pregnancy. Rape is a very traumatic experience no matter what age you are, and it’s quite understandable that the women will want to get rid of the baby.

For normal scenarios, it takes two people to make a baby. The father has every right to decide in what happens to his child. The dad may even decide that he wants to raise the child on his own. Having an abortion to rely on lets women to make unwise and unsafe sexual choices. In a normal situation, a woman should never have the right to choose an abortion.