Should a Woman have the right to Choose Abortion – Yes

This is a loaded question, much like most of politics. Anyone that seeks a yes or no answer on this topic is simply closed minded, and completely bound to their party and are incapable of free thoughts. These are the type of people who can take a checklist of hot issues their party believes, and simply say yes they feel the same way about every single topic without even reading them, or giving them real honest thought.

What the country needs is a system for abortions, that tracks what is going on with the women seeking them. It really would not be that difficult to do. Would it cost money, yes, and that is the problem, why it will never happen. Simply stated, the system would require some form of picture ID and a social security number to receive an abortion. The mother would have to fill out a tremendous amount of paperwork, go through an evaluation with a medical doctor, as well as a psychiatrist, and the reason for the abortion must be deemed valid by a very complicated checklist.

Rape victims would obviously be number one priority to get a free pass. They would receive the abortion, after still going through the required procedures of ID checks and paperwork, but then would be able to receive their abortion upon providing proof (a police report, medical examination of certain bruisings) of a rape, would receive their abortion, receive any after care required, and be on their way to recovery.

Now, a single mother who has had several abortions in the past, clearly taking advantage of the abortion procedure and system, enjoys a promiscuous life of meeting with different men (who are just as much to blame) and worrying about the consequences in the future, well then the examination and evaluation period would be extended, using different practices, to fairly and justly determine if this woman deserves to receive an abortion, or if this is a mistake she has to live with.

Under what conditions did the woman receive her previous abortions? Is she married to the father? Does she have the income required to take a child into this world and provide for it all the necessities a baby needs? Is she remorseful of her actions, or is this a clear abuse of the no questions asked abortion policy? Under these situations, the woman still has the right to an abortion, the only thing being taken away is the right to abuse the system as it is now.

The one thing lacking from this very rudimentary description would be an adoption plan by the individual states. Most states already have a system in which a mother can drop a baby off at any fire station, police office, church, or hospital, and leave the premises, no questions asked. No paperwork, no interviews, no reprimanding. This option would have to be made perfectly clear to the mother who is not eligible to receive an abortion to bail her out of a thoughtless mistake.

This, like I stated, is a very rudimentary version of what our country needs to do, but until some changes are made to the system as is, there is not really much of a need to delve further into all the hypothetical situations that an abortion procedure would be approached or sought after. The bottom line, yes a woman should have the right ultimately, but careless abuse of the abortion procedure should result in a denial from the state.