Should a Woman have the right to Choose Abortion – Yes

I believe that It’s every individuals choice on if they want to keep the life that they didn’t mean to create or, if they want to end it before it really even begins. Who are you to say how someone else should live their lives? Are you better then they are?

This is what the big debate on this issue is all about, who are we to tell each other what you can and can’t do when this debate verges on the very borders of our fundamental human rights? Shouldn’t it be up to the individual on how they want to live their life?

I believe in pro-choice, sometimes people just can’t handle it. I don’t believe someone has the right to take a choice away from another, that would be showing superiority to one another when none has been granted or given. think about it, If god didn’t want people to be able to make their own decisions in life, (if he truly exists), then why give every individual free will? for someone to say that It’s not right to kill an unborn babe is overstepping their bounds.

Imagine a fourteen year old girl getting straight A’s in school and already preparing for college and has her whole life ahead of her. all of the sudden she’s pregnant. Now because of this, her entire life, everything that she’s ever worked for was a waste. Sure, she could give the baby up for adoption, but how many kids are already up for adoption? Would it honestly be right to put a child in this world knowing its true family can’t take care of it? the only real solution is abortion.

I’ve had personal experiences with friends that have come close to having this problem, they never had to get one (luckily) but nonetheless they would choose an abortion if it ever came down to it. I completely agree with their choice, and why? The girls that had this problem are smart, they get good grades, they (for the most part) make good choices in life, and I don’t understand how someone could tell them no to saving their future life, and to put it bluntly, ending a life that isn’t developed enough to know who it is, what it is, or whats happening. If I were to ask every single person I know or have met in my life if they could recall a single thing from before they were born out of their mothers womb, every single one of them would say no.

This is a hard subject to decide on from experiences in the past. While this is my heart-filled choice, another believes in pro-life and I’m sure could argue their side just as well as I could mine. However to end, my belief is thus: we have no right as a majority, to take away this freedom from the minority that truly would not be able to handle the consequences of losing such a valuable human right.