Should a Woman have the right to Choose Abortion – Yes

This issue has so many arguments, and so many people have passionate opinions about it. However, for me, this comes down to a number of different individual rights a woman has.

Personal right over her own body – when a woman becomes pregnant, it is seen as a beautiful, natural occurrence, however we can forget just how dangerous it can be. Apart from cosmetic things such as weight gain and stretch marks, pregnancy can have many consequences for a women’s health, from bladder control to death. And while medicine, in this area as with all others, certainly does what it can and has improved greatly, the risk is there. Women should have the right to decide whether or not they want to put their body through that – it is their body, and they have to live in it for the rest of their life.

Right to choose to be a mother – Some people may claim this right is void when a woman has sex without contraception, but I don’t believe so. For one thing, no contraception is failsafe. Beyond that, women should still be able to choose if their lifestyle and situation is right for bringing a child into the world, and if their own personal mindset is right to do so. If you don’t want children, if you have no financial or emotional support, if you are suffering a mental or physical illness that would make motherhood more dangerous for you, then you have the right to choose to say no.

Freedom of religion and politics – with many people who do not believe in the right to choose, it is due to their religious or political beliefs. However, those beliefs are not always going to coincide with each woman who is considering an abortion – why should she have your beliefs thrust upon her. If you believe that abortion is wrong because it is against your religion, why does that give you the right to say that no woman can have an abortion? It is likely that most women who share your beliefs won’t decide to have one – those who do likely do not share your beliefs, and should not have to live their lives according to them.

And finally – think of rape victims. They didn’t even choose to have sex on that particular occasion, let alone to get pregnant. Yet they are forced to carry and bear their rapists child – this is only prolonging their torment and pain.

I don’t believe that I personally could have an abortion – I’ve never had to decide that though. I do believe that every woman should have the right to choose, however – if they can live with their decision, then why should they not have an abortion. I would rather see that happen then more children abandoned to live parent less, or born in to unhappy and unloving homes.