Should Abortion be available for everyone – Disagree

There should never be restrictions on abortions due to many different factors affecting both the pregnancy and the child itself.  Firstly to consider is how the mother became pregnant in the first place.  If a situation such as rape had occurred, then why should she be expected to carry and raise the child of a monster?  Fair enough the child is innocent and it is also her child, but before the heart has grown and the foetus has a life, then she should have the right to choose.  Most women will want children when they are happily married and with the right man, so an egg with no emotions will not necessarily grow into the child they want to love.

Aside from this, there is the sex that took place to create the child.  If the pregnancy was not planned then it may be in the child’s best interest to not be born.  The option of adoption is always present, but having to carry and give birth to a child and then give it away may be pretty tough.  Therefore, abortion is the only way of being sure that the child is not born into a world as an unwanted, unloved mistake.

The living situation of the parents is one to consider.  Parents may be living in a small flat with no money and therefore cannot afford to raise a child.  The best option for them may be to abort it, and wait for when the time is right. 

There may also be the marital status of the mother and father.  If they are young and made a mistake or the mother is alone with no support, then it would be in the child’s favour to be aborted.  A baby needs a loving family, a safe home and the comfort of being loved. If this isn’t provided in the environment they would be born into then they maybe should not be born at all.

Finally the child itself.  Any mental illnesses or defects that can be spotted on a scan may cause the life of the child to not be worth living.  A parent would not want their child to suffer and therefore not having it would mean there is no unhappiness.  If the child is born then they may grow up to resent the parents for choosing to let them live half a life.

The most important factor when considering abortion is the child itself.  Will it be loved? Will it be safe? Will it have the life it deserves? These are the reasons why abortion should be open to everyone and not just women who are endangered.