Should Abortion for Underage Children Require Parental Consent – No

As has been said before, should the child, girl, young woman, find that she is going to have a child, she should have the right to decide to carry that child to term.

For many years I have been in favor of a woman’s right to control of her own body.

As to the circumstances of that pregnancy, what if it was the product of rape? Can you in all good conscience demand that she have a child that was created in fear and loathing of the person who got her pregnant? There are those of you that will rise in high dudgeon and while pounding on your Bible say that “God intended for her to be blessed with child!” Blessed? Is that what you call that traumatizing experience? I don’t, I call it what I think it is, a disgusting act by some cretin who wanted to have sex and didn’t much care who he had it with!

Now, what about gasp! choke!, INCEST? In case you didn’t know, that is far more prevalent than you may be willing to admit. It is usually dismissed as the actions of some of the “lower classes” and not all that common, but it is also more than occasional in the “upper classes.”

Some of the religions of the world sanction a father or older brother kinda “breaking her in” before the wedding, and if she should be so unlucky as to get pregnant with a man that was NOT of her group, she may be the subject of an “honor killing” by her father or brother. Think not? – Read your paper.

Notify the parents? SUUURE, give the family time to berate the girl, find all sorts of fault with her, throw her out of the house, disown her, and just maybe beat the living crap out of her before she goes to get the abortion her mother is dead set against, and her father has to go along with to protect the family honor.

OK, so she decided to just have sex, big deal, so you say, but the guy has no job, he is dead set against owning up to his responsibilities, and besides all that, he was drunk, and so “not liable” for what he did. – “She shoulda done sumpthin.”

Now we come to what her having a baby will do to her: Here she is, young, no or very little job skills, no – or very little – future with anyone that will adopt her child, a reputation that is in the gutter, and what is she to do?