Should Abortion for Underage Children Require Parental Consent – Yes

Abortion should definitely require parental consent. We are on dangerous ground when we start trying to take away a parent’s right to consent or not consent when it comes to their child. Most parents love their children and try to do their best for them. While none of us are perfect, the parent cares for the child more than any one else, and it is their right to choose what is and isn’t right for their child while the child is still under their care.

Often young girls, even when they really know otherwise, will be afraid to tell their parents they are pregnant. The may choose abortion as a way to get out of the ‘mess’ they are in without having to tell parents and others what they did. That is the basic nature of human beings, we don’t like being caught. But, when the parent is not given that information, it can do irreparable harm to their relationship with their teen, and cause the teen and parents much anguish later.

Abortion is never an ‘easy fix’ for a ‘big problem’, but it should be worked out between parents and the teens involved, not the school, the state, the government or anyone else. It is only by allowing/helping the teen to have the wisdom and support of parents that they are actually making an ‘informed’ choice. In most situations if someone came in and helped a teen do something that drastic (or even smaller) the you-know-what would hit the fan. We wouldn’t stand for it. Why should abortion be any different? Parental rights should always be taken into consideration when debating about making laws concerning underage teens and children. They have the right to know and to withhold consent if that is their choice.