Should Businesses be Required to Pay for Health Care Insurance – No

Government legislation, forcing businesses to cover health care expenses for employees, would be a terrible mistake. Why do we think the employer should be responsible for the medical costs of its work force? It is one thing to protect employees from unethical employers, who may be risking their health and safety. That is when the government has the right and responsibility to step in and ensure that every employee is guaranteed the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. Businesses must be held accountable if they are negligently risking their worker’s health. It is quite a different story when we consider the possibility that the government could pass legislation requiring companies to provide funding for all health care insurance costs. It is not the government’s right to tell businesses they must provide health care for all workers.

It is no secret that it is extremely difficult for North American companies to compete globally with countries like China and other low wage paying nations. Adding health care insurance costs to the mix will just increase the chances of seeing more companies moving their operations overseas.

A nationally funded health care program is needed, where government managed tax dollars go for medical treatment of the working class. It is well known fact that billions of dollars of tax payers’ money is spent on funding the military budget each year. Should a controversial war with no known eminent threat to the country be draining the pockets of its citizens, and couldn’t that money be better used to help cover medical costs? The government should be following through with a nationwide health care plan, seeing all the tax dollars it receives. The government is supposed to represent the majority of the nation, and presently, the wishes of the people are not being met, if the popularity of the President is any indicator. Funding for an escalation of war is not what the average working person wants to see, while nationwide health care is.

If you want to encourage business and employment growth in the country, then it is imperative that the government refrain from adding more costs to company payrolls. New business growth and development is quite expensive for any company. It is counter productive to expect a new or small business to shoulder the burden of health care.
If a company wishes to provide its employees with health care insurance, then that should be their choice and they should be encouraged to do so. It is an attractive benefit for any employee or prospective employee who has heard of or has seen first hand, the outrageous cost of hospital care and medication. Until the government can provide universal health to its citizens, it should at least provide better tax incentives to companies, who are presently saving the government countless millions of dollars in health care costs each year.