Should Businesses be Required to Pay for Health Care Insurance – No

Let’s face it. Our entire health care system needs an extreme makeover. Step one is stop making businesses paying for it employees health insurance. This is extremely disadvantageous to both the companies and it’s employees. The company has to fork over the money to pay for its employees health insurance. Not too mention that if the employee loses their job then they are forced to fend for themselves during the time they are unemployed and at most places the first 90 days they are at their next job. This means that the employee is forced to spend money it probably does not have to have health insurance in case they have to go to the doctor unless they can get covered by HIPPA.

I would propose that we make the health care system more government-based. Then take some of the money we are using for Social Security and move it toward the health care system. Then for retirement, we give businesses tax breaks for allowing employees to tap into their 401K’s well before they have to be at their place of employment for one year. This will allow people to have just as much or more money for retirement than they had before and will save people hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars in having to pay for prescription medicines, doctors appointments and possibly even mountains of paperwork.

Instead, you could give each citizen a certain amount each month which could be obtained by the government – say $10,000 (I don’t have the national budget memorized, but you get the idea) for hospital visits, prescriptions, surgery and the like. Then whatever money of that you don’t use you can simply pay half back to the local government who can use the money however it sees fit. Then you use the other half to save for when a doctor’s visit or some type of surgery is necessary.

With this type of system not only would people be saving more money for retirement, people would be able to save thousands in health insurance and won’t have to be so dependant on their employer for health expenses. And won’t be so screwed if they have to go see a doctor when they are out of work. Cause all around this is just more money the citizen has to spend if they are out of work and everybody loses.

In conclusion, when businesses pay, everybody loses.