Should Businesses be Required to Pay for Health Care Insurance – Yes

The key to a successful business is content employees. You can’t have employees if they are all dead. Providing them with health care insurance is not only beneficial to them, but it enhances the productivity of your company. Businesses have to look at not only the company’s bottom line of profit but the method and direction of achieving a quarterly goal each month. As hard as an employee works to make the company a success, it should be a beneficial reimbursement that the company is going to make sure that you are healthy enough to keep making them money.

In an economy where the average household is making $18,000 or less a year, personal health benefits and insurance has risen 8%, according to the wellness bureau of investigation. If you add the cost for rent, lights, water, gas, electric, food, transportation, clothes, cleaning, laundry, hygiene, communication, and debt, how much of that you believe will be left for anything else. Most people on average would be in debt. Now, ask that employee to produce quality and efficient work at the pay you are giving them.9 times out of 10, the response will not be good. Give the employee benefits and a prospect of a future within the company, the quality of work will be exemplary and worthy of profit. You loose profit when you have unhappy and sick employees. If the employee has to go to the doctor for whatever illness, he or she would have to pay out of their pocket, causing them to dip into their fund for bills. If they can not afford rent, they are homeless, if they are homeless, they have no where to keep their clothes and clean them, if they have no clothes to wear they can not work. I am sure there is a dress code for every business and no clothes is not acceptable.

I have been in a position where I was a temporary worker for a bank for more than 2 years. They did not give me benefits or insurance so I had to pay for everything myself. After about 15 months, the quality of my work went down and I lost a will to go to work. I was missing a day every 3 days and playing on the computer at every moment I got. Soon, the company let me go and I had no job. I started working at the oil company I am now as a temp worker. I did not receive benefits for 8 moths. I came to work on time but I was always looking for other employment. Now, I have been here for a year, they hired me on permanently and I get benefits, health care insurance, and retirement plans. I am eager to come to work and happy to do it. I am not afraid to get sick because I know I can afford it now.

So you see, businesses should be required to pay for health care insurance. It is like a salary. You are giving your employees reimbursement for the quality of work they do and you are making sure that they are able to do it. Again, you can’t not run a successful business if there is no one there alive to work.