Should Businesses be Required to Pay for Health Care Insurance – Yes

At one time much of the private sector hired and forced children to work at ungodly, long hours beyond belief. Society changed, laws changed and the private sector changed.

We now have forty hour work weeks and overtime. Before the laws changed many employers forced they employees to work unbelievable hours.

We have something called minimum wage now because the private sector was forced by law to change.

Despite the cries of poverty form the private sector after they were forced to change and apply those benefits, they grew, and they grew and they grew.

Employers help keep this country, in many ways, stay strong economically; there is no doubt about that. But unfortunately, with profit motive comes greed and excuses not to offer greater benefits to their employees.

Those that work for American businesses have just as much right to be healthy as their employers. Why should they, along with their spouses and children, not have the same access to medical care as the employer?

Just as the imposition of child labor laws and forty hour work week laws and minimum wage laws did not force American businesses to become extinct, the imposition of decent health care insurance laws will make those businesses not only stronger, but also more in tune with other nations that appear to care more about their working citizens then we do.