Should Celebrity Neer do Wells be given a second Chance

I believe the fact that celebrity misconduct is under the political category is in itself a travesty. The simple fact of the matter is, most Americans can’t seem to get enough of the wrong doings in celebrity life. People seem to be quite pleased by the fact that the celebrities mess up too. I believe it gives people the sense that celebrities are people who make mistakes like the rest of us. We, as a society, want to feel important, and instead of rising up in society and culture ourselves, we try to bring them to us.
the celebrities have attained this seemingly impossible glory that the only way us average folk can get a stab at attaining, is to pull them down to our level. If someone in high society messes up, we are quick to attack them, eating up every bit of their misconduct, yet they often seem to get off in teh end with a slap on the wrist if that.
I believe we need to be more conscience of our own mistakes, and work to correct our own problems. When we exploit other people who we generally think to be better than us, we are trying to get to the point of accepting them as lower than we previously thought, so as to be equals with the famous.
Celebrities are bound to make mistakes, not only because they are famous people, with lots of pressure, but also because they are simply people like the rest of us. No one is perfect. No one should be held above or below the rest on a second level, whether superior or inferior, because of someone’s place in culture or society.
Celebrities should be held accountable for their actions, yet not exploited. Celebrities are pure and simple average people like the rest of us whether they know it or not. We need to allow them their own place, and stay within our own business. To do this we must hold them legally responsible like everyone else, and leave them out of the media where they don’t belong while in court.